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  • Allen Christian's 2012 work called 'Piano Family' depicting three torsos with
                heads carved out of spare piano parts, standing upright on a gray backdrop.
  • A blonde woman walking through a hallway full of eclectic museum pieces hanging
                on the walls, such as floral bronze carvings, an embroidered curtain with colorful birds and a Ouija
  • A group of women in the museum laying down on the ground and looking up to the
                ceiling, from which a plethora of ribbons with LED lights are hanging.
  • An image from the 20th Annual American Visionary Art Museum Kinetic Sculpture
                Parade, showcasing a float that looks like a giant, pink, fluffy poodle driving down the road with
                onlookers cheering.
  • A naturalistic sculpture of a bearded old man with his arms raised and smiling,
                composed entirely out of red, green and yellow wires, except for his white-wired beard and hair.

Parenting: An Art Without a Manual

Oct 6, 2018 - Sept 1, 2019

AVAM's upcoming exhibition showcases works by 36 artists, created out of every conceivable medium, to best express their own personal life experience of parenting and being parented — be it good, bad, horrific, and/or sublime, alongside revelations from the latest scientific research, globally sourced wisdoms, and fun.

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Weekend Walk-In Poster with a stylized word 'Hello!' displayed on a background with overlapping, colorful circles.

Weekend Walk-In Workshops

Join us for a hands-on, drop-in, art-making workshop once a month in the AVAM classroom. All ages welcome!

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Showing Reverend Albert Lee Wagner's oil painting Free From Egypt-Moses Parting The Red Sea, which shows a central figure in a crowd raising his arms up, surrounded by two symmetrical waves.

Rev. Wagner: Miracle at Midnight

AVAM proudly hosts the first national retrospective of Reverend Albert Lee Wagner's autobiographical art.

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